A Word Game for Face to Face Battles on iPad and iPhone

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Lexicolor is a fast paced word game for two players, where you play over one single iPhone or iPad, with your opponent. It is a bit like Olo meets Letterpress.

Each time you play a letter, you color it a little more, but your opponent is doing the same. At the end of 90 seconds, each player gets a point per letter he played more than his opponent.

The atmosphere is full of colors, and a little jazzy. The game has been designed with afternoon tea breaks with your family in mind.


I happen to be a father of twin girls. I always liked iPad games that allowed my girls to play together at the same time (like Olo, Ready Steady Bang, Red Hands), and I was at the same time fascinated by the brilliancy of the controls in Letterpress.

So, I decided to mix the two concepts in a quick prototype, almost five years ago. I kinda forgot about it for some time, but I realised over time that all my family was playing the prototype quite frequently, and really seemed to enjoy it.

So, finally, after five years, I decided to finalize the prototype, enhance its design, and put the game on the App Store, to allow more people to enjoy it.

And a last note: I have been working a lot on populationpyramid.net, a website providing useful data visualisations that are often used in interactive sessions in classrooms around the world. I do think that Lexicolor could be used too in such a setting, to playfully practice spelling and vocabulary skills.

That is my hope, at least.

Martin De Wulf — madewulf@multitasked.net